Translational-Clinical Nephrology

Kidneys are very important for survival with their large network of blood vessels and capillary network of tubes and tubules that filter blood excrete excess water and waste products. The role of kidneys is to maintain fluid, acid-base balance and electrolytes in our body, these functions are interrupted by many disease conditions as well as medicines and toxins.  Glomerular diseases that affect the micro filtering systems of the kidneys termed as the glomerulus, abnormalities urine like excess loss of protein, sugar, casts, and blood crystals through the urine. Tubulointerstitial diseases affect the tubules of the kidneys, renal vascular diseases affecting the networks of blood vessels within the kidneys, kidney failure that can be either sudden, acute or long term or chronic, renal and bladder stones, infections of kidney, kidney cancer, urethra, and bladder, Effects of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure on kidneys, imbalances of acid base, Nephrotic syndrome and nephritis, Ill effects of drugs and toxins on the renal system, The long term complications of dialysis- dialysis includes peritoneal dialysis as well as hemodialysis, The autoimmune diseases like lupus, autoimmune vasculitis, etc. The cystic diseases of kidney where large cysts or fluid filled sacs are generated within the kidney diminish its functions; this is an inherited and congenital or genetic condition.

  • Cystic Disease: Genetics and Cell Biology, Models, and Experimental Therapies
  • GN – Experimental Models
  • Renal Pathology, Experimental Pathology, incl. Immune and Inflammatory Mechanisms
  • Other Renal Disease-Experimental Models
  • Primary Glomerular Disease (Clinical)
  • Secondary Glomerular Disease
  • Vasculitides (Clinical)
  • Tubulointerstitial Renal Disease, Stones and Urinary Infection
  • ADPKD-Update on Diagnosis, Monitoring Progression and Treatment
  • Pregnancy and CKD
  • Supportive Care, including End-of-Life Issues
  • Autoimmune Disorders and Kidney Disease
  • HIV–Nephropathy and Other Associated Kidney Lesions

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